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Definition of a metaphor:

A figure of speech in which something is referred to or compared with a thing it resembles;

metaphor permits understanding of the image of that thing by encouraging us to see it in a different light.

We are blessed with many words and images to choose from when creating metaphors, giving endless possibilities to the meaning we can attribute to an object or a scene. However the writer describes ‘a thing’ is not necessarily going to be ‘the thing’ that a reader sees in that same passage. Whether the writer carefully constructs the metaphor, or simply throws words at the page, they trust their reader will make their own mental images to support meaning. The effect being like making a movie of the story in your head while you read.


Two florists have the same number and types of stems to arrange. Will their bouquets look identical?

Two chefs start with the same ingredients. Will the meals they plate up taste the same?


Teachers are not always trying to teach something

Engineers are not always trying to build stuff

Gardeners are not always trying to grow things

Actors are not always in character

Clowns do not always wear red noses

Writers do not always speak in metaphors


Spend time with friends, because you enjoy their company

Plant seeds, because you like sweet peas or runner beans

Be creative, because you want to

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A poem from a palindromic day: written backwards, read forwards

Echo is Autumn

Autumn leaves fall

Fall I did heavily

Broken I have become


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Updated: May 20

So, today I've been experimenting with echo verse.

Still very much thinking about family history and how our ancestors' past shapes our future.

i not forgotten

ii how we remember

iii those who passed before

iv who gave up their tomorrows

v so we could have today

vi how do we commemorate

vii how they bravely soldiered on

viii inhabit

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