WhereStoriesStart  is my story starter toolkit...
It all came together when I was 'stuck' without glue - 
and now I'd like to share it with you!
I drew on my life experience as a teacher, librarian and creative writer to assemble tools that helped me pen a story which explores what can be achieved when you learn to look at the world around you a little differently. 

I would love to share                                                                                                                with you,

as well as my toolkit, in the hope you might be inspired to start your own story too...

Walking  on  Tiptoes

In a quiet Welsh village a teenage boy unravels the secrets that led his grandmother to hide her past and his mother to fear the present, so he can save their future.

Hear me read an extract

A story that will break your heart and mend it too

Bryn notices a different side to the cantankerous, eccentric old bookseller that most people have never seen and his fondness for him grows along with his own self belief that he can save the book shop and reunite his family. All this, despite his Dad and his Grandma’s efforts to stop him, prompted by their fear of what drawing attention to himself, the family and his difficulties might trigger.

Teenager Bryn finds unexpected sanctuary and family secrets in a book shop, but he will have to confront his own anxieties, stand up to his Dad’s anger and figure out what’s behind his Grandma’s strange behaviour, if he is to save his only safe place from the threat of closure and his family from falling apart.

Full of comfort, hope and escapism that every generation will relate to

In a maelstrom, when the foreboding threat of failure separates you from feeling loved, where do you look for help?

A timeless tale of kindness, inspiration and bravery

Walking on Tiptoes
is a contemporary MG tale, with a 90s retro twist.
Perfect for fans of A Kind of Spark and The Valley of Lost Secrets. 

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