That's right, stories start with me. And also with you. After all, you are reading this, which I guess makes me a writer. There you go - it's that simple! Just start typing, or pick up a pen and see where words and pictures take you...  

Shwmae a croeso! 

I love writing - having somewhere to put my thoughts helps me make sense of them (otherwise it gets very noisy in my head!). I established a school library to share my passion for literature hoping that it would nurture a love of reading, writing and illustration.

Now, as a Primary Library Consultant, I aim to visit other schools to share my love of reading and help books come to life! I enjoy supporting children, staff and parents to explore picture books, graphic novels, audio books, fact and fiction. I am as much a learner as a teacher and children's books offer a wealth of language, adventure and experience. You never know where they will take you next, or what other story starters they might lead to...  


I never imagined I could write a book. My scribbles were just for me, but then a friend suggested they might be story shaped. The trouble was I didn't know what shape I was looking at, how many corners or faces it had and what colour it was. I didn't know if it was big enough to be a story, or even if anyone would want to read it. And surely that's the most important thing about writing a book, isn't it? Well, actually no. I learnt from another wise friend that the only person to write for is yourself. If anyone else likes it too, then that's a happy coincidence!  



Stories start and end with... me (or you!)

In that case, I'd better tell you a bit about myself, so you know who is hiding behind the words.

In true writer style, some character description and setting notes, in no particular order:


Cheeky smiley sparky

Brighton-ish  seaside-ish  countryside-ish

Children dogs family

Reading writing guitaring

Learning teaching sharing

Neurodivergent language lover

Love and hugs to all my writer friends, past, present and future

I'm an alumni of the Golden Egg Academy
where I learnt how to develop my craft in writing for children and young adults.