I have a friend called Bryn. I see him most days when I sit down at my desk. He tells me all his worries and I've got to know him really well. Even though chatting to him distracts me from my work, I sense that by listening I'm helping him out. And in a way that helps me too. He experiences the world differently to most people, so he thinks. But actually, I think he's just like you and me. He doesn't go out much, or seem to have many friends but he's getting more confident and I'm hoping when I next pop out he might come with me - then you can meet him too!

A little less conversation...

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As well as writing children's fiction, I enjoy creating short stories, flash-fiction and poetry for adults. 
My poem, Happy Christmas, was chosen as a runner-up in the 2019 Healing Words competition, from over 600 international entries. 
You can find it at the Advocacy Project by clicking the image here >